7 Figure CEO Podcast With Casey Graham 2/5/2018


In this episode of The 7-Figure CEO Podcast, Casey sits down with Justin Lofton, CEO and founder of SyncSumo and Zen Fusion. Justin has created two companies that help businesses automate and organize their social media ads. Justin’s insight into managing your business and your employees will help you, as a leader, create growth and success in your company.

Social Media

  • Strategic social media advertising can help get your companies in potential customers faces.
  • Use it as a place to communicate with potential customers, employees, and users.

Managing Business

  • Find balance in yourself and in your business.
  • Focus on your companies one big objective and the today things will follow.
  • Create value in your company’s products and customers.
  • Do not push against the flow of mother nature. Go with the flow.
  • Plan on a quarterly or 90 day basis in terms of looking towards the future based on your current projections.

Managing Employees

  • Focusing your employees on the companies one big objective creates a common focus and mindset.
  • Employees should not feel guilty for leaving work.
  • Create balance in your workplace so employees feel balance.

Who to Hire

  • Avoid hiring friends of employees.
  • Be Selective
    • Hire people who you can train and do not have a skill set they are bound to.
    • Hire people who have a driven mindset that you can train and develop for your company.
  • People set in their ways are hard to change for your companies goals and values.


  • Create community with your customers by having subscriptions.
  • Continually be placing out more content or products to help your customers.
  • Business survive by creating community.

Listen To The Interview Here.

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